10 Things to Read About Abortion in Brazil [EN]

Sonia Loddo,  is a Master student of Development and International Cooperation at Sapienza Università di Roma and currently is doing an internship at CEI-IUL through Erasmus+ programme. She is collaborating with CEI-IUL’s blog Changing World and wrote a post about the history and current legislation of abortion in Brazil: Since 1940, abortion has been illegal […]

Ghoncheh Tazmini comments important changes in Iran’s political system [EN]

Engaging Iran CEI-IUL researcher Ghoncheh Tazmini comments of the subtle but important changes in Iran’s contemporary political system: In the febrile atmosphere of US threats and intimidation against Iran, there is a flurry of speculation on whether Iran will suffer war, revolution or regime change. To avoid analytical traps in the flurry of speculation in […]

Giulia Daniele comenta a nova lei aprovada no Parlamento de Israel [EN]

Giulia Daniele, researcher at CEI-IUL, comments on the meaning and consequences of Israel’s recently approved Nation-State Law. Meaning and consequences of the new law After a overnight long and controversial debate the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) approved the so-called “Jewish Nation-State” law on July 19th 2018. Becoming one of the Basic Laws of the state of Israel, it […]