Aviation has changed the perception of time and space, the notion of distance and isolation, functioning as a time accelerator and pulling shores closer. How the different territories were able to contribute for the development of aviation and connection of the Atlantic communities, the experience of each community and the consequent effects, are some of the topics open for a reflection in a meeting held at the Municipal Library of Vila do Porto, Santa Maria Island, Azores (Portugal), from September 6th to 10th, 2017. The LPAZ FORUM 2017 is promoted by the LPAZ Association, in collaboration with academic institutions such as the University of the Azores, the Center for International Studies of the ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, and the Portuguese Association for French Studies (APEF).

It aims to debate the role of aviation in changing the notions of time and space and the effects of these changes in the territories and its culture. This forum will feature an international academic Conference “Aviation: the impact on Time and Space” and a Meeting of aviation museums and archives operating in the North Atlantic basin with several pannels over the five days.

  • International academic Conference Aviation: The Impact in time and Space, will gather experts of the social sciences in the discussion over the contributions and the effects of aviation on the notions of time and space. It will feature two days of conferences and talks in several thematic panels.
  • North Atlantic Aviation Museums and Archives Meeting: will feature the presentation of the installation experiences and interaction options with the targeted audience of several museological and archival institutions in the Atlantic basin who share the same history as the Azores, in the context of aviation geopolitics.














Photo by Greg and CindyCC BY 2.0.