This symposium intends to mix various media and expositive methodologies from video screenings introduced by the film makers themselves, argumentative discourse based on personal source material and academic lecture.

The intention of this conference is to focus on phenomena of architectural or urbanistic hybrid situations as a consequence of imposed absorption of cultural paradigma and interactions that took a different parcourse than initially planned.

A hybrid is exposing by its very nature the interaction of its incongruous sources. It is the outcome of a missed assimilation, an unsuccessful cross-breeding that nevertheless powered a new entity, which carries a strong political relevance and fuels a new configuration.

This symposium focused on colonial and post-colonial architectural phenomena will touch on the sacrificial and sometimes monstrous outcomes of these processes in regard to architecture, which nevertheless release also an innovatory potential.

This symposium will follow paradigmatic cases in regard to living practices, in which present mutated and dysfunctional structures (buildings, environments, living situations and imaginary environments) are revealed to be late consequence of lingering Eurocentric spatialisation and its often abusive measures.

We invite contributions that built up ‘case studies’ on specific buildings that situate themselves on the cross point of different historic narratives, hybrids that nevertheless catalyse a regenerative power that shifts thinking patterns and converts to new historical paradigms.



The Call is Open for the Formats: 

  1. Lecture (Theoretical contributions, personal histories, architectural projects, etc.)
  2. Film/Video Submission (Material to be Projected and Presented During the Conference Days).

We expressly invite contributions that trace back and analyse personal histories, contexts and place them in larger political narratives. We also encourage the implication of personal documents in regards to buildings, architectural projects or topical initiatives, that have emerged in the recent past as a response of urbanistic configurations of domination or abusive power structures. In focus are functional solutions in spatial practice, that are intimately known to the speakers.

Please submit your material at: hybrid.cei@iscte.pt

 Submission deadline: 31 May 2016



Organizers: CEI-IUL . CICANT – Universidade Lusófona . HANGAR . AfrikPlay . Filmes à Conversa