Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus – 6th Edition 2023

CEI-Iscte is accepting expressions of interest from researchers who wish to apply to the 6th edition of theIndividual Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus (CEEC) 2023, promoted by FCT, having CEI-Iscte as host institution. CEI-Iscte (Centre for International Studies at Iscte – University Institute of Lisbon) – a multidisciplinary research centre, focusing on international developments of the […]

“In poverty we will always stay”: history of famine and contemporary politics of social in-distinction in Cape Verde – New article by researcher Kaian Lam

CEI-Iscte researcher Kaian Lam has published a new article “In poverty we will always stay”: history of famine and contemporary politics of social in-distinction in Cape Verde in the scientific journal “Food, Culture & Society”. Abstract Geographically part of West Africa, Cape Verde is a Creole and diasporic nation. This article begins by characterizing contemporary Cape […]


Giulia Daniele, researcher and sub-director of CEI-Iscte, has published a new article Intersectional politics and citizen activism: An Israeli Mizrahi feminist lens in the scientific journal “Women’s Festival International Forum”. You can read the article here. Abstract This article aims to rethink intersectional sites of solidarity carried out by coalitions of heterogeneous groups coming up […]

Call for Contributions | SSE&Commons2023

3rd International Conference  Social and Solidarity Economy and the Commons  Decolonizing the Solidarity Economy and Commons: Enacting the “Pluriverse”  Venue: Iscte – University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal Date: 8th-10th November 2023 (Presential) Organisers: Centre for International Studies (CEI-Iscte); Iscte – University Institute of Lisbon (Portugal); Centre for Social Studies (CES) – University of Coimbra (Portugal); ITES/UFAL -Incubator of […]

CfP | 15th Annual International Conference Society for Terrorism Research

The Society for Terrorism Research (STR) and the Centre for International Studies at Iscte (CEI-Iscte) are delighted to announce that the 15th annual international STR conference will be held on July 20th and 21st, 2023, on the Lisbon Iscte Campus. This conference will focus on the theme Terrorism Research in a Polarized World. Proposals for […]

“Pastoral Khans: from Mongolian Steppe to African Savannah ” – Article by researchers Joana Roque de Pinho and Troy Sternberg

CEI-Iscte researchers, Joana Roque de Pinho and Troy Sternberg, have published a new scientific article in the Mongolian Journal of international Affairs, regarding to their research project “Mystical Natures: A comparative study of religious-environmental dynamics among Inner Asian, African and North American drylands communities” (MYNA;PTDC/SOC-ANT/2990/2020; Fundação da Ciência e Tecnologia Portugal). The article was also […]