General Information

1.1 How do I obtain a workstation at Iscte?

To apply for a workstation, please send an email to CEI-Iscte general contact ( with your request. You must indicate your full name; type of contract; project/grant name and reference; dates of beginning and end of the contract; supervisor and co-supervisor(s) name. Whenever possible, CEI-Iscte will provide a computer.

1.2 How do I get an e-mail account and access to Iscte networks?

The request for access to the email is made through CEI-Iscte indicating the following data: full name; sex; Type of identification document; Identification document number; birth date; nationality; residence address; personal email; academic degree; category; start date of the activity; (expected) end date of the activity.

The Iscte IT Services will assign you a username and password, with which you can access all the online services provided by Iscte (e.g., Fenix, E-Learning, email, Library Databases, etc.). Afterwards, CEI-Iscte will inform you what your username is. Find more information here.

1.3 How may I obtain a statement of Iscte as host institution?

Please request it to by email to CEI-Iscte (

1.4  If I need an ethical opinion, what should I do?

Whenever a proposal involves ethical matters or requires an ethical opinion, it must be analyzed by the Iscte Ethics Committee. The Ethics Committee is an advisory body to the Rector. All ethical opinions should be requested to the Rector, along with the supporting documents. Find all the information here.

1.5  I would like to publish my research results, where should I do it?

Please contact CEI-Iscte ( in order to access relevant publication listings, including those provided by the most significant indexing databases. Also, ISCTE-Iscte publishes 9 scientific journals in its several research domains.

1.6 Who owns the copyright of my scientific publications? May I share my results in an open access system?

Except in the cases where a different copyright framework is clearly stated by the publisher and previously agreed with the author, scientific publications copyright is owned by the authors. Under the Open Access Policy promoted by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia and the ISCTE-IUL’s Open Access Policy, publications of research outputs should be deposited in one of the open access repositories hosted within RCAAP, such as Repositório Iscte. An embargo period is allowed, after which the full content of publications should be made freely available, at no cost.

1.7 Onde posso consultar mais informação sobre a investigação no Iscte? / Where can I find more information about research at Iscte?

Every year the Research Support Office prepares the Iscte Mundi ebook for newcomers with all useful information on research. In addition, some research units provide specific orientation guides.


2.1  How can I find information on research funding opportunities?

Funding opportunities are shared with researchers by RUs in articulation with GAI. If a call for tender is launched and you wish to apply, please contact CEI-Iscte ( for assistance. In case you are not part of a Research Unit, GAI will directly aid you with this matter.

2.2 What kind of assistance can I get when I am preparing a funding application?

Research Units work with GAI to spot funding opportunities, to establish partnerships, to clarify pending questions, to send institutional documents and institutional signatures, or to confirm eligibility requirements. In terms of the pre-funding stage, in case a researcher is not a part of a RU, he/she should contact GAI for that matter.

2.3 Do fellowship eligibility requirements differ from programme to programme?

Yes, requirements may vary between funding programmes. Each tender publishes specific eligibility requirements that the candidate must meet.

2.4 How should I refer the affiliation on the scientific production of Iscte?

According to Iscte Rector’s Order No. 116/2016, affiliation must be written in full and in Portuguese whatever the language of the texts and their publication support, namely national and international journals and books – the identification must be made as follows:

Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Center for International Studies, Lisbon, Portugal

If the journal or publication concerned so permits, the identification must be made in two lines, as follows:

Name of the author/co-author1,2 (Ex: Ricardo Jorge da Silva1,2)
1 Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), Center for International Studies, Lisboa, Portugal
2 other affiliation (ISCTE-IUL research unit, or other university or research unit)

Identification must not be in English.

2.5 What does person month mean?

The value for expressing the effort (amount of time) that the PI, faculty and team members devote to a project. It is a value expressed in full months equivalent to the total work of a researcher throughout the project.

2.6 What are direct costs?

Direct costs are the costs required to conduct the project. These costs can be easily identified within a particular project with a high degree of accuracy. The eligibility of direct costs differs according to the funding program.

2.7 What are indirect costs?

Indirect costs, or facilities and administrative costs, are the costs to the Institute to house a faculty member’s project. The indirect costs cannot be readily identified with a particular project but are essential to the completion of a project. Examples of indirect costs are facilities, water, electricity, maintenance services, support and administrative services, etc.


3.1 When can I request reimbursement of an expense?

At this time, reimbursement is allowed for the following expenses: conference registration; article submission; and other expenses up to 50€ per request. Reimbursement requests must include the invoice issued to Iscte (tax number 501510184) and proof of payment.

For expenses abroad, we highly recommend that purchases are made through CEI-Iscte, since invoices attached to the reimbursement requisition cannot include VAT and the service provider must fill in the RFI model to avoid double taxation. If the RFI model is not completed, Iscte must retain 25% for tax purposes, and only 75% of the expense will be covered.

3.2 I would like to attend a conference/scientific meeting, what is the procedure?

If you are a researcher with a teaching contract, you must hand over a dislocation permit issued by the Rector. The requests must be received at the rectory, at least 5 days ahead of travel, with all opinions and dispatches of the Department Directors, regardless of whether it is with or without financial charges for Iscte. This request may be sent through the Fenix platform.

If you are a researcher without a teaching contract, you must hand over a dislocation permit issued by CEI-Iscte Director, at least 5 days ahead of travel.

In order for Iscte to cover travel expenses, you must have available funding through projects and/or internally allotted funds. Having confirmed this, please contact CEI-Iscte, preferably one month ahead, so as to request travel and accommodation reservations (maximum 3 stars or “Comfort”, in the USA), and conference registration at least 2 months prior to the event. The appropriate form for this is the “Purchase requests

Conference registrations may exceptionally be made by the attendant (see question 3.1). For reimbursement purposes, the registration receipt must be issued to Iscte, tax number 501510184. After filling in the “Reimbursement Form” and attaching the receipt, CEI-Iscte will trigger the necessary steps for reimbursement by Iscte. If you need to attach a file to your request, you can do so by e-mail to

3.3 Upon returning from a conference/scientific meeting what documents should I bring and how may I be refunded?

Upon your arrival after a scientific mission you should deliver all boarding passes and the certificate of participation. If you have attended a meeting, performed field research, or any other situation where a certificate cannot be issued, you must hand over a mission report.

To request subsistence allowances, if there is available funding within the project and expenses are eligible, you must fill in the Reimbursement Form and the “Boletim Itinerário”.

You may also present other expenses up to 50€, such as taxi rides, underground tickets, etc., as long as receipts are issued under Iscte, tax number 501510184.

After handing out the completed documentation to your RU, it will trigger the necessary steps for reimbursement. If you have a labour contract with Iscte, subsistence allowances will be payed along with your salary.

3.4 How may I buy equipment or acquire a service?

If you have your own funds or external financing for which the expenditure is eligible you should address your request to CEI-Iscte filling the “Purchase Requests” form, explaining the source of funding that will support the expense and detailing the characteristics of the equipment or service you need.

All requisitions for purchase of equipment or services higher than € 5,000 (w / IVA) will be more time consuming, since they will have to be advertised on public platforms. If you do not have any funding, you should send an email to CEI-Iscte with a request detailing the material or the service you need and the justification for the acquisition, so that CEI-Iscte board will analyse your request.

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