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The conquest of the Atlantic has shaped the world and the Western Civilization, and the Archipelago of the Azores has played a relevant role on the knowledge, transport, communication, and control within this ocean. These islands, which have been called “the wheel of the Atlantic”, on the maritime navigation era, and “Crossroads of the Atlantic”, on the aviation age, have a privileged perspective on the changes that shaped the world and the Western Civilization. With the emergence of New Space, the extension of the Continental Shelf processes and the search for resources and solutions for the sustainability of the Anthropocene, the Atlantic opens to new frontiers and the Azores are again called upon to play a significant role on this new chapter on the evolution and perceptions across the Atlantic. 

To discuss the challenges and opportunities for the Azores and the Atlantic community from a transdisciplinary approach, the LPAZ Association, in collaboration with the Center for International Studies of Iscte-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (CEI-Iscte), the Center for Humanistic Studies of the University of the Azores (CEHu), the Atlantic Centre, and the Transatlantic Studies Association, is organizing the “LPAZ Forum – The Azores, the Atlantic, and the Global Challenges” on Santa Maria Island – Azores, Portugal, on September 7th – 10th, 2023. This conference is the fourth edition of the LPAZ Forum, following up on the meetings of 2015, 2017 and 2022, and has the support of the Regional Government of the Azores, Vila do Porto’s Municipality and Portuguese Ministry of National Defense.

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