The IV LPAZ Forum – The Azores, the Atlantic and the Global Challenges will take place between 7 and 10 September 2023, on the Island of Santa Maria in Azores.

The conference topics are:

  1. The Azores and Atlantic geopolitics;
  2. Atlantic Kinetics: transport, communications and connectivity;
  3. Aviation – the impact on time and space [in memory of Alan Dobson];
  4. Atlantic diasporas;
  5. Environment and climate change;
  6. Atlantic Literature;
  7. History of Science in the Atlantic;
  8. Island Studies, Island narratives;
  9. Atlantic Politics, State, Autonomy and Integration.

Proposals should be sent by email with the attached document to and include:

  • 300-word abstract for the paper;
  • 100-word author biography;
  • 2-page CV.

Deadline extension: April 15th

The complete call is available here.

Check all the informations about the conference on the official website.