The CEI-Iscte has recently published, in co-authorship with the Real Instituto Elcano, the Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales and the Boletín Oficial del Estado – BOE, the book “Spain and Portugal in Globalisation. 500 years since the first circumpolar-navigation”.

The book addresses the legacy of the voyage of circumnavigation led by Ferdinand Magellan and completed by Juan Sebastian Elcano, which took place over 500 years ago but endures to the present day.

“Indeed, we are often tempted to see history as a succession of brief and distant footnotes, with no lasting impact on our daily lives. However, it cannot be repeated enough: as we celebrate the universal nature of the first circumnavigation, we should seek to renew, wherever possible, the spirit that made us contribute so decisively to the cultural, scientific and commercial development of an ever undiscovered world.”

CEI-Iscte researchers Luís Nuno Rodrigues, Pedro Seabra, Inês Ribeiro and Clara Carvalho were the authors of this monograph.

The book can be accessed here.