CoopMar (Transoceanic Cooperation. Public Policies and Iberoamerican Sociocultural Community), a CYTED network (Iberian-American Scientific and Technological Programme for Development), has the pleasure to invite you to the public presentation ceremony of the network formed by teams of Brazil, Chile, Spain, Panamá and Portugal which will take place at July 4th at 5.30pm at Museu de Marinha (Navy Museum), Praça do Império, Lisbon.

Goals of the CoopMar Network The CoopMar network carries out research on the humanities and public policy around an agenda of “sea and society” for development by leveraging the existent synergies between different partners. The long-term historical dynamics connected to the sea has the capacity to re-enact the collaborative potential in Ibero-America and contribute to strengthening future strategies and initiatives with mutual benefits. Through dialogue between universities and R&D centres, public and private institutions, museums and corporate entities, CoopMar intends to contribute to the design of public polices through the involvement of communities and generate socioeconomic impact. Associating history, memory, culture and new technologies, it aims to offer specific solutions to the Iberian-American societies allying social responsibility and economic sustainability.

More information available here.