The creation of the Centro de Estudos Internacionais (CEI-IUL) aims at strengthening the interdisciplinary research, thought and intervention in a framework of complex social, political and economic phenomena that go beyond national and regional borders. CEI-IUL rests upon the previous research experience of CEA-IUL, enhancing the activity developed within this unit of R&D in recent decades and it will particularly promote the interdisciplinary approach valued at the CEA-IUL. More than the geographical broadening of research the evolution of the CEA-IUL to the CEI-IUL it is the recognition of an approach focused on the present challenges of the global environment that combines different disciplinary areas.

One of the main goals of the new Centre is to enhance the scientific skills of ISCTE-IUL’s researchers and teachers in the areas of global security, development studies, international relations and social movements, creating innovative connections between different disciplines. Taking advantage of the ISCTE-IUL double specialization on Social Sciences and Economics and Management, we believe that this dual approach is of upmost importance to the analysis of international issues. CEI-IUL integrates researchers working in social studies, politics and international relations, development studies, economics and management in international contexts.

Scientific Areas

International Studies and African Studies are the scientific areas of CEI-IUL, as recognized by the Scientific Council of ISCTE-IUL. CEI-IUL conducts multidisciplinary research in social sciences, so in addition to the specific areas it also includes Development Studies, International Relations, Anthropology, Sociology, History, Political Science, Political Economy and General Management.


As a research unit of excellence, CEI-IUL will have as main objectives:

  • Carry on academic research on Social Sciences, International Relations, Development Studies, Economics and Management, prioritizing issues and areas relevant for international studies. to the development and international integration of the country;
  • Produce proposals for teaching and research at ISCTE-IUL, with a special focus on the internationalization and relying on numerous collaborative networks established with universities in Africa, India, China, U.S. and European networks;
  • Support teaching in the already existent Master and PhD programmes of ISCTE-IUL, namely the Master and PhD in African Studies, the Master in Development Studies, the Master and PhD in Political Science and the PhD in History, Defence and International Relations;
  • Promote the participation in the main international research networks.

CEI-IUL has also for objectives

  • To intervene in informed discussion on international issues, mainly related to Portugal and Portuguese companies and institutions’ insertion in the European and international dynamics;
  • Disseminating information through public activities, debates and publications targeting wider audiences.


CEI-IUL will be organized on a matrix design of regional lines (Africa, Asia and Europe & Transatlantic Relations) and research groups (Institutions, Governance and International Relations; Societal and Development Challenges; Economy and Globalization).