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2022| Border crossings in and out of Europe

Autores: Manuel João Ramos (Coord.), Pedro Neto (Coord.), Giulia Daniele (Coord.)

Ano: 2022

ISBN: 978-989-781-719-9

Edição digital


Authors | pag. 1-5

Introduction | pag. 6-14

Chapter 1 | pag. 15-31

Understanding the Background of the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Adam al-Alou

Chapter 2 | pag. 32-49

The Refugee Debate in Palestine/Israel: An Ongoing Narrative of Struggles from Palestinians to Africans

Giulia Daniele

Chapter 3 | pag. 50-66

Zenab’sprotective scroll. A migrant voice, and a graphic essay

Manuel João Ramos

Chapter 4 | pag. 67-86

Working with Migrants’ Memories in Italy: The Lampedusa Dump

Alessandro Triulzi

Chapter 5 | pag. 87-105

Routiers’ transformational trajectories of waste, from Portugal to Senegal

Pedro Figueiredo Neto and Ricardo Falcão

Chapter 6 | pag. 106-117

Beings from another world: On the symbolic function of the immigrant

Manuel Delgado

Chapter 7 | pag. 118-131

The European Union’s response to the Mediterranean ‘refugee crisis’: the normalisation of securitisation

Ines M. Ribeiro

Chapter 8 | pag. 132-154

The Borders of European Identity

Filipe Faria

Chapter 9 | pag. 155-168

Women Rights Crossing Border and FGM/C: violent traditions, cultural differences, and juridical conundrums

Ricardo Falcão and Clara Carvalho

Chapter 10 | pag. 169-181
The political mobilisation of Muslims in the European Union: The cases of Great Britain and France

Carlos Branco

Chapter 11 | pag. 182-199
The border made city: six vignettes from, and a run in, Chelas, Lisbon
Simone Tulumello
Chapter 12 | pag. 200-231
Network-based approaches for studying migrations
António Fonseca e Jorge Louçã
Chapter 13 | pag. 232-240
Some Personal Impressions from Inside of Wir schaffen das (2015)

Dirk Bustorf

Afterword |  pag. 241-242
Giulia Daniele, Manuel João Ramos and Pedro Neto
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