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African Dynamics in a Multipolar World: 5th European Conference on African Studies — Conference Proceedings

Ano: 2014

Editora: Centro de Estudos Internacionais do Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)

ISBN: 978-989-732-364-5

The fifth European Conference on African Studies (ECAS 5) took place in Lisbon, Portugal, June 27 to 29, 2013. It was organized by the Centro de Estudos Africanos – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (Center of African Studies of the University Institute of Lisbon) on behalf of AEGIS, the Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies. Its general theme was ‘African Dynamics in a Multipolar World’.

Support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian




Philip Afaha

The cost of peace: assessing the domestic impacts of Nigeria’s military deployments to ECOMOG operations


Olusegun Afuape

Liberalising governance in Nigeria


James Agena

Contributory factors to the 2003 Darfur Conflict in Sudan and African Union (AU) Intervention Strategies


Kunle Ajayi

The ICT culture and transformation of Electoral Governance and politics in Africa: the challenges and prospects


Otoabasi Akpan

The military in peace support operations in Nigeria: a question mark


Leyre Alejaldre-Biel

Status of Indigenous Languages within Gambian Education Policy: English vs Vernacular Languages as the vehicular language in formal education contexts


Aurora Angeli & Annalisa Donno

Old age and inequalities in Egypt. The role of intergenerational relationships and transfers within the family


Samuel Aniegye Ntewusu

From ex-soldiers to traders and transporters: the case of the Gold Coast Hausa Constabulary: 1874-1942


Sylvain Anignikin

Tendances actuelles des Etudes Africaines : l’histoire de l’Afrique entre Africanisme» et «Afrocentrisme»


Nnanna Onuoha Arukwe

Citizenship behaviour, organizational integrity, and the practice of ‘discretion’ among members of a Nigerian Paramilitary Organization


Felix Chinwe Asogwa

The African Union (AU), new partnership for African Aevelopment (NEPAD) and regional integration in Africa in a multipolar word


Fred Kodzo Ayifli, Kwabena Boafo Adom-Opare & Tutu Kerekang

Community perspectives on the impacts of oil and gas activities in Ghana: a closer look and analysis of fishery livelihoods within six coastal districts


Joana Bahia

Dançando com os Orixás


Cynthia Bailly, Kouamé Yao Severin, Didier Péclard & Akindes Francis

Aids, power and local governance in the Northern Côte D’ivoire


Maria Antónia Barreto & Filipe Santos

Memoriais culturais e históricos como promotores do desenvolvimento: os memoriais de Guiledje e Cacheu na Guiné-Bissau


Federico Battera

Electoral participation and democratization in Zambia: do poverty levels affect voters’ perspectives?         


Lucia Bayan

Without pot you cannot cook rice


Julia Maximiliane Becker

Attitudes towards mother tongue education in Uganda: “you try to make sure that our children remain backward”


Redie Bereketeab

Geo-strategic intervention and its consequences in the Horn of Africa


Frédéric Bourdier

An innovative community care approach for pregnant women and children in malaria endemic remote areas in Cambodia


Maria João Cardona

As escolas como espaços de desenvolvimento comunitário. um estudo baseado na experiência de São Tomé e Príncipe


Rosinha Machado Carrion

Globalization and challenges to the political autonomy of the associative sector in Cape Verde


Mauricio Barros de Castro

Memória e esquecimento do projeto Kalunga: narrativas identitárias e cartografias musicais


Clément Cayla-Giraudeau

Journalisme transnational et diaspora Senegalese ao coeur de la campane presidentielle de 2012


Ercüment Celik

Northern theory, South African engagement: two historical examples from labour studies


Chukwuka E. Ugwu & Fidelis Odo

The New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) initiative of socio-economic development in Africa: achievements and challenges


Roberto Conduru

Southern modernity – the Agudás’ architecture on the Bight of Benin


Luciana Contarino Sparta

Sub-Saharan early migrations as a means of african peoples’ initiative against colonial oppression: the Cape Verdean case


Birgitta Rubenson & Marianne Dahlén

An African perspective on the ILO conventions on minimum age: the case of Ethiopia


Ifeanyi Didiugwu

The mass media and the challenges of regional integration in Africa


Elise Dufief

What is left when election observers go? The case of European Union and Ethiopia


Aniekanabasi Eyo Ekpe

Africa and the dilemma of fostering development through western-oriented ideas in a multi polar world


Annika Engelbert & Nina-Annette Reit

Effective corruption control: implementing review mechanisms in public procurement in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda


Ricardo Falcão

Youth appropriation of the body : youth appropriation of ICTS – senegalese youth at the crossroads between Coosan (tradition) and Dund Toubab (the life of the whites)


João Figueiredo

The city’s silent double: public cemeteries in Angola from the enlightenment to the scramble


Rosa Figuiredo

The performing body: kinesic codes in wole Soyinka’s drama


José Alexandre Ferreira Filho

Political institutions and economic growth: can african and south american countries be compared?


Ricardo Freitas

Adeptos do Candomble


Raquel Freitas

The culture and development agenda in Lusophone Africa


Maria Paula Meneses & Catarina Antunes Gomes

Interrogando a ‘Terceira África’: colonialismo, capitalismo e nacionalismo branco em Africa Austral


Matteo Grilli

Support to African Nationalist Movements by Nkrumah’s Ghana


Fatma Esra Güzelyazıcı

Deconstructing Al-Shabaab: Farah’s critique of Islamic Militancy


Jamilla Hamidu

Ghanaian Diaspora as emerging “global middle classes”: linking middle class to political participation and stability in Ghana


Alemayehu Kumsa

The conflict between the Ethiopian State and the Oromo People


Ana Fantasia & Pedro Pereira Leite

As narrativas biográficas e as metodologias de investigação-acção sobre a memória e o esquecimento


Roland Marchal

What security threats in Chad?


Zoë Marriage

Making tracks: continuous recreation of Africa through capoeira


Isabel Molina Martos

Linguistic policy in the camps of Sahrawi refugees


Rachel Masika

Do mobile phone-enhanced networks equally benefit men and women?


Marina de Sousa Matoso

Politics of water flow in Maputo


Olivier M. Mbodo

Governance, economic performance and popular welfare in Africa: is the link clear?


Janet Mcintosh

Structural oblivion and perspectivism: land and belonging among contemporary white Kenyans


Paulo Alberto dos Santos Vieira & Priscila Martins Medeiros

Ensinamentos diaspóricos: dez anos de educação para as relações étnico-raciais no Brasil


Bénédicte Meiers

N’djili/Kinshasa (1952-2012): Local Spirit, Pentecostal Spirit and Spiritual Warfare. Trans-local Translations


Adelia Miglievich-Ribeiro

The possible contribution of the brazilian social thought to the analisis about the cooperation/competition between national economies: theoretical challenges


Abdulkader Saleh Mohammad

Competing identities and the emergence of Eritrean Nationalism between 1941 and 1952


Miriam Moller

Major impediments to human security providence of current eu missions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Adil Moustaoui Srhir

Multilingualism, identity and dynamics of change in Morocco: toward a new glottopolitical model


Marie Müller

Conflict-free” governance of mineral extraction—is it compatible with the regulatory pluralism in DR Congo?


Valentina Alice Mutti

Et les garçons? reflections on Unicef Program for girls post-primary education in Madagascar


Friday Nwankwo Ndubuisi

Ethnic politics in Africa: the Nigerian example


Janviere Ntamazeze

Trust and development: rotating savings and credit associations in Rwanda


Izuu Nwankwọ

Taking offence with no offence: relevance of time and place/space within nigeria’s stand-up comedy


Emeka Anthony Obi

The African Union and the challenges of Regional Integration in Africa


Severus Ifeanyi Odoziobodo & Kenneth  Nweke

Strengthening NEPAD as a strategy for sustainable development in Africa: the role of the diasporas


Ifeyinwa Genevieve Okolo

Eroticism and sexual pleasure in Diane Case’s Toasted Penis and Cheese


Oluwafunmiso Adeola Olajide

Migration: its causes and consequences in South East Nigeria


Jurema Oliveira

O discurso alegórico como forma de recontar a história


Alberto Oliveira Pinto

Bug-Jargal de Victor Hugo: as representações culturais e somáticas dos escravos de São Domingos como legitimação da negrofilia e do abolicionismo


Taiwo Oloruntoba-Oju

The african protoproverbial in a multipolar world


Michael Omolewa

The challenges of teaching french and german in english-speaking colonial Africa: the nigerian experience, 1859- 1960


Djnina Ouharzoune

Expatriation et lien politique en contexte mondialisé: l’exemple Franco-Algérien


Alexandra Paio, Vasco Moreira Rato, Joaquim Reis, Filipe Santos & Pedro Faria Lopes

Emerg. house 4all: a sensitive approach informed by new digital tools


Giulia Piccolino

The European Union and the promotion of regional integration: a viable approach to the resolution of regional conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa?


Jose Adrian Garcia-Rojas

A comparative perspective of three African Federal Systems: the cases of Nigeria, Ethiopia and the Union of the Comoros


Maria Paula Meneses, Celso Rosa & Bruni Sena Martins

Colonial War memories: secret alliances and imagined maps


Rosário Carmeliza Soares da Costa              

Donas da Terra. her-story on female power and authority in the Zambezi Valley, Mozambique


Boukary Sangare

Réseaux sociaux et communication en temps de crises au Mali : l’exemple des groupes de discussion sur facebook


Bruno Sena Martins

Imperial memory: the home of silences in Portuguese Colonial War


Mary Boatemaa Setrena & Steve  Tonah

Do transnational links matter after return? Labour market participation among Ghanaian return migrants


Timothy M. Shaw, Hany Besada & Evren Tok

African agency versus dependency: prospects for developmental states given natural resource governance


Vladimir Shubin

The socialist international and Africa: 21century


Rui da Silva, José Augusto Pacheco & Júlio Gonçalves dos Santos

Entre o global e o local – uma abordagem metodológica para avaliar um programa de cooperação para o desenvolvimento na área da educação na Guiné-Bissau


Alice N. Sindzingre

Drivers of long-term growth? Assessing the impacts of emerging countries on Sub-Saharan african economies


Siw-Inger Halling

Tourism as interaction of landscapes


Paulo Soma

Philosophy in Africa Lusophone: Angolan case


Dieter Neubert & Florian Stoll

One or many middle class (es) in Kenya? Towards an analytical frame for distinguishing subgroups


Mudasiru Surajudeen Oladosu

Conflicts, identity crisis and the withering away of the African Union: a quest for a new (O) AU


Madalena Teixeira

Os programas e os manuais de língua portuguesa em Cabo Verde – compromisso entre qualidade e quantidade (?)


Krzysztof Tlalka

East African standby force. Shortcomings and prospects for the future


Françoise Ugochukwu

Nollywood et le mirage du Sud


Laurien Uwizeyimana & Gillian Ngefor Sanguv

Les rapports ville/campagne sur le temps long : l’afrique tropicale entre le rural et l’urbain?


Bart P. Vanspauwen

Cultural ambassadors with a cause: migrant musicians from lusophone Africa in Lisbon


Odair Bartolomeu Barros Lopes Varela

Uma máquina burocrática ao serviço do ocidente? Cabo Verde e o acordo de readmissão com a União Europeia


Margarida Ventura

Estudo da relação entre PTSD e Religião nas populações da Matala


Eliane Veras Soares

Estudos africanos e literatura: alternativas a produção de conhecimento?


Johan Wedel

Religion and healing among Somalis in Sweden when experiencing illness and suffering


Samuel Weeks

A Socio-Economy of Cape Verdeans’ Mutual-Help Circulation on the Lisbon Periphery


A.S. Yaruingam

India’s capacity building diplomacy in Africa


Henri-Michel Yéré

For Jean-Pierre Chauveau: A Personal Take, by Henri-Michel Yéré


Hamadou Daouda Youssoufou

Does multinationals socially responsible in Sub-Sahara Africa? Case of AREVA in Niger


Peter Geschiere

Introductory remarks to the 2013 Lugard Lecture ‘youth, waithood, and protest movements in Africa’ given by Alcinda Honwana


Alcinda Howana

Youth, Waithood, and Protest Movements in Africa


Libertá Jimenez

Gender and Health Strategies for the development of National Governments and multilateral actors in the context of African Countries of Portuguese Official Language (PALOP)


Susana Santos

Socio-economic studies with social accounting and socio-demographic matrices. An (attempted) application to Mozambique


Ana Vaz Milheiro e Filipa Fiúza

Building the “black” city: approaches developed by Portuguese architects in colonial Africa