The contemporary physical, socio-cultural and political worlds are being increasingly compartimentalised. In this conference, we want to discuss whether, and to what extent, are the global society and space moving toward a state of generalised and planetary, if creeping, apartheid – borrowing on ideas of Agier (2014), Brenner (2013), and Yiftachel (2009). While we observe settler colonialism becoming a global and transnational phenomenon (Veracini 2010; Wolfe 1999), apartheidisation represents one of its forms in a continuous relationship with other political forces/processes, and in the consolidation of multiple (in)visible borders.

Our intent is to take some steps beyond the analysis and exposure of the various forms of segregation, fragmentation, polarisation, gentrification, ghettoisation, militarisation, and ultimately apartheidisation, observed around the globe (cf. Graham and Marvin, 2001; Diken 2004; Graham, 2010; Rossi and Vanolo, 2012 [2010]; Pappé, 2015; Lees et al., 2016; Tulumello, 2017, among others); and question what are the (bio-)political, ideological discourses and practices, be they hegemonic or banal, that shape those very phenomena.

Within this programme, the invited speaker Loretta Lees will give a talk on Planetary Gentrification: institutionalised segregation.