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The Intensive Course on Europe-Africa Relations – Border Crossings In and Out of Africa, will be held at ISCTE-IUL, from 28 October to 6 November 2015.


The Intensive Course “Europe-Africa Relations – Border Crossings In and Out of Africa” offers a lively forum of discussion on the subject of border and culture crossings in and out of Africa, in a multidisciplinary perspective. The teaching modules will focus on the insertion of Africa in the contemporary world system, and on migrations and social movements set in the historical and present interactions between Africa and Europe.

This Course is addressed at post-graduate (MA and PhD) students interested in international and migration studies, and in African­-European relations, wishing either to follow a high quality research career or to act professionally as experts on cultural activities, of international relations, relief and development work, in all sorts of public and private organisations, government, international agencies and NGOs. It will enable them to be facilitators in current cultural, social and political inter-exchanges of people, goods and ideas.

The Course proposes a circular exchange of ideas, methods and information between different disciplines, nationalities and regional study areas, through a set of lectures, workshop presentations and study group discussions. Participants are asked to take an active role in the IP bringing in and sharing their own background experience, knowledge, and intergroup relations. Oral presentations and participation in discussions will be the basis for the final assessment.



Week 1

Wed, 28 Oct (room 3.25, Aula Autonomy):
6-8pm – Manuel João Ramos (CEI-IUL): Introduction to the course – history of Europe-Africa relations
8-10pm – Cristina Santinho (CRIA-IUL): Incomplete itineraries: the case of the African refugees in Portugal

Thu, 29 Oct (room AA3.29):
6-8pm – Pedro Aires de Oliveira (FCSH-UNL): Portugal’s end of empire and its aftermath
8-10pm – Aleksi Ylönen (CEI-IUL): Separatism and international recognition of states: Reflections from the Horn of Africa

Fri, 30 Oct (Auditorium Mário Murteira):
6-8pm – Benjamin Soares (ULeiden): Islam and radicalization in the Sahel – European interventions

Week 2

Wed, 4 Nov (room 1E10):
8-10pm – Manuel João Ramos (CEI-IUL): Europe-Ethiopia relations – a convoluted history and an uncertain future
Thu, 5 Nov (room AA3.29):
6-8pm – Fernando Jorge Cardoso (IMVF/CEI-IUL): Are Europe-Africa Relations changing?
8-10pm – Francesco Vacchiano (ICS): The Mediterranean as frontier: Europe-Africa relations through the eye of regulation of mobility
Fri, 6 Nov (room AA3.29):
6-8pm – Manuel João Ramos (CEI-IUL): Final discussion and integration of the topics
8-10pm – Manuel João Ramos (CEI-IUL): Conclusions: wrap up



Organization: Center of International Studies – IUL and Master of International Studies – IUL
Coordination: Manuel João Ramos (Associate Professor, Senior Researcher CEI-IUL)
Fenix page:
Dates: first week: 28-30 Oct; second week: 4-6 Nov 2015 (Wednesdays to Fridays)
Credits: 6 ECTS recognized as supplement to any Diploma at ISCTE-IUL
Fenix code: 0277, 2nd cycle (Master of International Studies – ESPP)
Language: English


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