Detalhes do evento

CEI-IUL will host the 4th annual conference of the European Initiative for Security Studies (EISS) that will be held at ISCTE-IUL next June 22-23, 2020. The call for papers is open until January 30, 2020.

The EISS Conference features both ‘closed’ and ‘open’ panels.

‘Closed’ panels focus on themes decided by the EISS (cf. the program). Participants should send an abstract (300 words max) to the panel’s chair (cf. the chair’s email addresses and the description of the different panels below). Please make sure to send the paper abstracts directly to the panel’s chair, not to the EISS. Each panel includes four papers and the chair serves as discussant.     

‘Open’ panels: participants propose a panel’s title, a chair, and four speakers. The chair serves as discussant. The proposals should include: (1) an abstract of the panel summarizing its academic goals and originality (300 words max); (2) the name, affiliation and email address of the participants; (3) an abstract for each presentation (300 words max). The ‘open panels’ are meant to broaden the range of existing themes in the EISS and to provide greater latitude to the participants to contribute to the definition of the EISS program. Therefore, please consult the list of closed panels to avoid duplication. Please send the ‘open’ panel proposals to

Selection Criteria for Closed and Open panels: (1) quality and originality of the panel/paper proposal; (2) multidisciplinarity and/or interdisciplinarity (history, political science, sociology, etc.). The panels should focus on specific themes that can be addressed from a variety of disciplines. N.B. Each panel must also include scholars from disciplines other than political science; (3) represent different European countries/regions (western, northern, eastern, central, southern Europe), as per participants’ affiliation; (4) and allow for gender diversity.



  • 30 January 2020: deadline for sending paper proposals to the panel chairs (cf. emails below) and panel proposals to the EISS (
  • 20 February 2020: decision on open panels by EISS; and on papers for closed panels by chairs.
  • Early March 2020: final program sent to participants.
  • 10 June 2020deadline for sending the full paper to the panel’s chair.


About EISS:

The European Initiative for Security Studies is a Europe-wide multidisciplinary network of scholars from over eighty universities that share the goal of consolidating security studies in Europe. Specifically, the aims of the EISS are two-fold. The first is to develop and sustain a Europe-wide network in the field of security studies. This gives visibility to the range of individual and collective research projects that are currently underway in Europe. The second goal is to establish a forum for the exchange of ideas in order to foster new joint research projects and develop international research.

You can find the full call for papers and panels (PDF document) here.