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DEMOCRATS directed by Camilla Nielsson (2014)
100 min | English subtitles

Entrada livre | Free entrance

The documentary film DEMOCRATS, directed by Danish director Camilla Nielsson, is such a thorn in side of President Robert Mugabe, that the matter of distributing the film has ended up in Zimbabwe’s High Court. The documentary, which reveals several inconvenient truths about Mugabe and his regime, has lost two appeal cases with the Zimbabwean government’s censorship board where it has been banned as: “Not suitable for public viewing.”
The film, which follows the political process of Zimbabwe writing it’s first democratic constitution, reveals how President Mugabe, despite having promised reforms that would move the country away from dictatorship rule, instead deceived both the people, the opposition parties and the international community, in order to maintain his tyrannical iron grip on power. The truth unveiled in DEMOCRATS must, according the lawyers representing the film, be kept away from the public eye at all costs, and the documentary has thus been subject to the strictest form of censorship – usually reserved for pornographic films only.
Following the ban, the film has been blocked from the streaming service Netflix in Zimbabwe, and further are 15.000 DVD copies now stuck in Denmark, and can not be dispatched until the ban has been lifted.

Uma actividade no âmbito do projecto Activisms in Africa.

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