Coordinator: Rogério Roque Amaro

This research group includes researchers with experience in a wide range of topics within the disciplines of Economics and Management. The structure of the Economy and Globalisation group reflects previous research interests and results, and a particular focus on main pressing challenges. The research group will be organised in four research programmes.

The programme Development Economics is already quite developed and has a strong record of projects, and PhD and masters theses. It includes research focusing on the developmental processes (past and future) of the African Portuguese Speaking Countries, the so-called emerging countries (Brazil, India, China and South Africa) and other African, Asian and Latin-American countries (namely the so-called newly industrialised countries).

The programme Businessmen, entrepreneurship, and management also has a solid record in conducting previous projects in the Centre. Its research focuses on businessmen and management models in culturally distinct contexts: Africa, Asia, and Latin America, being the latter an area to be further developed.

A third program will focus on the globalisation process. It will address the trends and challenges emerging from economic and financial globalisation, the role of WTO, and the place and power of different countries and regions in globalisation’s governance.

Finally, the fourth programme addresses the new concepts, practices, and experiences of social and solidarity economy. Research topics includes for example the relationships of social and solidarity economy with fair trade, microcredit, alternative finance and ethics systems, social currencies, local trading models, and free economy. This programme aims to use a comparative perspective in order to shed light on the topics above in the contexts of Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Macaronesia.

These four programmes reflect CEI-IUL’s thematic lines, with research focusing on Europe and Transatlantic Relations, Africa and Asia.