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Ras Tafari in Lusoland: On the 50th anniversary of Haile Selassie’s I state visit to Portugal, 1959-2009

Authors: Isabel Boavida & Manuel João Ramos (Editores)

Year: 2009

Publisher: CEA

ISBN: 978-972-8335-18-2

Digital edition

Table of contents

Pierre-Etienne Page e Isabel Boavida
Diplomatic relationship between Portugal and Ethiopia, 1954-1963

Isabel Boavida
A state visit in times of change

Pierre-Etienne Page
The organization and the unfolding of the visit of the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Sellassie in Portugal, 26th-31st July 1959

Manuel João Ramos
Split coffee: The tipping point Illustrations in Portuguese and Ethiopian relations

Aurora Almada e Santos
The Foundation of the Organization of African Unity

Alexandra Dias
Revisiting Eritrea’s isolation in the regional and global political arenas in the light of the contradictions

Luís de Barros
Brief notes on the diplomatic relationship between Ethiopia and Portugal, 1959-2009