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This webinar is part of the Seminars Studies on Sports: societal challenges, sports policies and communities’ engagement.

The session will specifically focus on the topic of “Verbal Behaviour of Families of Young Athletes in Grassroots Team Sports”.

Speakers: Alejandro García-Mas and F. Xavier Ponseti do Research Group on Physical Activity and Sports (GICAFE) da University of the Balearic Islands, Spain.

Moderator: Raquel Beleza da Silva (CEI-Iscte e FEUC)


In this presentation we will present an analysis of the verbal behaviour (positive, negative, and neutral comments) of family spectators of school-age athletes. We studied 190 family spectators of 215 male and female (Meanage = 11.66) football, basketball, and volleyball players, with a specific Observation Instrument. After registering 38,829 comments, the results showed statistically significant differences in relation to the comments made and the gender of athletes, geographical area, kind of sport, and the sporting category. The findings highlight that in a competitive environment, the comments made by spectators related to athletes do not seem to be initiators of potentially violent situations but rather are dependent on the ambience and other spectators.


Link zoom: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/96155637392