On 27 and 28 of April will take place the final event of the project ATLANTIC – Global Challenges and Transatlantic Relations: designing the first Transatlantic Studies Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree. Coordinated by the CEI-Iscte researcher Luís Nuno Rodrigues, this project is aimed at preparing a future application to an Erasmus Mundus Master in Transatlantic Studies. The consortium brings together universities from several continents. Besides ISCTE, the consortium includes the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Brazil), the University of Cape Verde, the Sorbonne Nouvelle University (Paris), the University of Udine (Italy), the Odessa Mechnikov National University (Ukraine), the University of Lancaster (United Kingdom), the University of Wisconsin (United States) and, within the partnerships established with non-governmental organizations, the Youth Atlantic Treaty Organization.

On the 27th the internal meeting of the Consortium will take place, with a view to preparing the final report of the ATLANTIC project, as well as the preparation of the next steps that will lead, next year, to the application to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree programme.

On April 28, a conference open to the public will take place in the Auditorium C103 of Iscte. In the first panel, in the morning, several examples of good practices in teaching and research relevant to the project will be presented. In the afternoon, the panel will make an update on Transatlantic Studies and on some of the areas that may be taught in the future Masters.

The conference will also be zoomed in on the following link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/93638977714.

The proceedings will be held in English.

ATLANTIC – Global Challenges and Transatlantic Relations: designing the first Transatlantic Studies Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree

April 28th, 2023 – Lisbon time (GMT+1), Auditorium C103, Iscte

10:00 – Opening remarks

•     Maria das Dores Guerreiro, Vice-Rector for Internationalization, Iscte

•     Ana Mónica Fonseca, director CEI-Iscte

•     Luís Nuno Rodrigues, coordinator ATLANTIC

10:30 – Panel 1 – Good practice examples on teaching and research

Moderator: Cláudia Araújo (Iscte)

•     Paula Lopes (University of Coimbra), “Presentation on e-NOTE – European Network on Teaching Excellence”.

•     Thomas Muhr (CEI-Iscte), “Decolonising the university curriculum: good practice insights from a semi-structured literature review”.

•     Gian Luca Gardini (University of Udine), “Learning and teaching EU-LAC relations: A novel open resource”.

•     Jorge Ferreira (CIES-Iscte), “Presentation on the European Joint Master in Social Work with Children and Youth”.

12:30 – Lunch break

14:30 – Panel 2 – Towards a Transatlantic Agenda

Moderator: Luís Nuno Rodrigues (Iscte)

•     Thomas Mills (Lancaster University), “The Transnational Turn in Transatlantic Studies”.

•     Giulia Daniele (CEI-Iscte), “Gender and feminist studies in Transatlantic contexts”.

•     Claudia Pereira (CIES-Iscte), “Migrations in Transantlantic contexts”.

•     Ana Margarida Esteves (CEI-Iscte), “Decoloniality, Grassroots Innovation Movements and Transatlantic frame diffusion”.

•     Gian Luca Gardini (University of Udine), “A positive and structural appraisal of EU-LAC relations”.

16:30 – Closing remarks