A investigadora do CEI-Iscte Raquel Beleza da Silva, publicou um novo livro “Contemporary Reflections on Critical Terrorism Studies” na Routledge, em co-autoria com a professora Alice Martini da Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

O livro está disponível por pré-encomenda aqui.


Bringing together established and emerging voices in Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS), this book offers fresh and dynamic reflections on CTS and envisages possible lines of future research and ways forward. 
The volume is structured in three sections. The first opens a space for intellectual engagement with other disciplines such as Sociology, Peace Studies, Critical Pedagogy, and Indigenous Studies. The second looks at topics that have not received much attention within CTS, such as silences in discourses, the politics of counting dead bodies, temporality or anarchism. The third presents ways of ‘performing’ CTS through research-based artistic performances and productions. Overall, the volume opens up a space for broadening and pushing CTS forward in new and imaginative ways. 
This book will be of interest to students of critical terrorism studies, critical security studies, sociology and International Relations in general.