Summer School Global Challenges (Specialisation Seminar on Global Challenges)


The Summer School Global Challenges is a multidisciplinary course. It focuses on the political, economic and security issues that shape and reconfigure the architecture of the international system. Its major goal consists in the analysis and understanding of the policy and strategic framework that shape geopolitics, economy and international development as well and of the strategy of the major global actors. The Summer School is offered by the IPPS-IUL and is a scientific product of the Centre for International Studies in collaboration with the Institute Marquês de Valle Flor (IMVF) and the “Lisbon Conferences” project.


This Summer School course is designed to reach post-graduate students (it is also offered as an optional course for the students of the ISCTE-IUL MA on International Studies) as well as other candidates interested in international and development studies, pursuing a high quality research career or working as development practitioners, international relations professionals, strategy studies experts, economists or other social sciences profession.


€ 150.00
 to which is added the registration fee (€ 10.00) and application (€ 25.00).
since july 11 to 
september 16, 2016
(after 1st of September, please contact the Secretariat of the course).


The number of vacancies for this course is 20.

Online applications  [Apply Here]