Splintering Identities of Central and Eastern Europe. Past and Present

Janusz Mucha

Faculty of Humanities, AGH University, Krakow, Poland



  1. Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) common features and historical diversity of the region.
  1. Ethnic heterogeneity of individual countries. Ethnic minorities, remnants of the past domination.
  1. Communist legacy. Post-Soviet nation-states, post-Yugoslav nation-states, Albania.
  1. European Union and the CEE.
  1. The Visegrad Group (V Four).
  1. The Visegrad Group and the Ukrainian Crisis of 2014.
  1. The Visegrad Group and the Refugee Crisis of 2015.
  1. Refugees and the European Union


Professor Janusz  Mucha

Born in 1949 in Kraków, Poland.

Professor of sociology at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Faculty of Humanities of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland.

In 1972 graduated with MA degree in sociology from the Jagiellonian University, and a year later with MA degree in philosophy from the same university. Defended his doctoral thesis in sociology in 1976. Received his postdoctoral qualifications (habilitation) in 1986 with dissertation “Sociology as Social Criticism. Critical Approach in Contemporary Western Sociology”. Over the period 1990-2005 worked at the Institute of Sociology at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. In 2012-2015 held the position of Dean of Faculty of Humanities of AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland.

Author, editor and co-editor of numerous books and publications (e.g. “The ethnic relations in modern contemporary thought”, “Faces of ethnicity: theoretical and empirical essays”). Member of European Sociological Association, International Sociological Association, Committee on Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), Committee on Migration Research of the PAN, among others. Member of the Editorial Board and reviewer of “Sociological Studies” and member of the scientific councils of other journals. Specializes in the fields of Social Anthropology, Sociology of Ethnicity and Theory of Sociology. His research fields of interests focus on Theory of Social Conflict and Change, History of Sociology, Religious and Ethnic Relations (particularly in Central and Eastern Europe) and Biographical Research.


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