The Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) coordinates the European funded COST Action OceanGov (Ocean Governance for Sustainability – Challenges, Options and the Role of Science), chaired by Anna-Katharina Hornidge.

It aims to bring together scientists, policy-makers and civil society representatives from 26 EU Member States to create and coordinates a research network for inter- and transdisciplinary research on ocean governance in the EU.

CEI-IUL integrates this project as a partner in the research group of “Land-Sea Interactions”. Some critical questions that influence the thematic focus of this working group are: Which interdependencies and interactions are taking place at the interphase land-sea? How are they (unidirectional or by-directional)? What are the pressures and impacts produced by climate change and human actions? How important is the alignment between marine and terrestrial planning? To what extent the policy guidance, plans and decisions are consistent? What are the interactions in the social, ecological and economic realms? What are the fundamental differences between the various ecological, technological, and social subsystems? How are they reflected and need to be reflected within the resulting governance systems? And what does this imply for joint governance?

Land-Sea Interactions