drylands, climate change, food insecurity, migration, political instability


Drylands and their inhabitants are facing complex challenges regarding the development of their economies and productive agricultural systems in the face of climate variability and future climate change, adverse market conditions and political instability. They are the most insecure areas in the world and are home to vast numbers of malnourished people who lack basic services such as education, health care, energy supplies and market access to. Many of these areas are experiencing violence and political instability, and have malfunctioning political institutions that prevent dryland inhabitants from creating their own path to development. As a result many people are on the move to look for a better existence

The main objective is to achieve better research coordination between disciplines (natural science, agriculture, environmental sciences, social sciences, political science, geography) but also across institutional boundaries (European, international and African institutions) in order to create research networks that work together on strategic research (agendas) to develop long-term solutions for problems in dryland areas.