Qualificações Académicas

Doutoramento em Estudos Africanos, em 2016 – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Diploma de Estudos Aprofundados, em 2011 – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Licenciatura em Antropologia, em 2005 – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal

Resumo Biográfico

Anthropologist and PhD in African Studies, I have chosen as my field the country Senegal. My PhD thesis is on the appropriation of information and communication technology in Senegal. The fieldwork conducted in the country is over 36 months and spans through interests that go beyond the framework of my work for the PhD Thesis. This fieldwork has made me take interest in «senegalese youth» «bodily practices»,  «sexuality», «tradition/modernity», «social hierarquies», «postocolonial studies», but also in «sufi islam/pagan cults», «land property», «patron/client relations». In sum, a large span of themes that are part of peoples lives in Senegal, and that prove important for the understanding of social and cultural logics. I have conducted fieldwork both in rural and urban settings.

Publicações Salientes

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