Qualificações Académicas

Doutoramento em Literatura, em 2014 – Universidade de Évora, Portugal.

Mestrado em Estudos Africanos, em 2003 – ISCSP-UTL, Lisboa, Portugal.

Licenciatura em Relações Internacionais, em 1996 – ISCSP-UTL, Lisboa Portugal.

Resumo Biográfico

Cátia Miriam Costa is researcher in the Centre for International Studies (ISCTE-IUL). She is the coordinating advisor of COOPMAR network (supported by CYTEDC – Iberian-American Program of Science and Technology for Development), which focuses on transatlantic cooperation, public policies and Iberian-American sociocultural communities. She is a member of OceanGov, a network project support by The European Science Foundation. She also is consultant of DaST Project (Design a Sustainable Tomorrow).

In this moment, she is developing research in new media as well as in the digital humanities domain, and analysing the relation between technology, circulation of ideas, and international communication. Specialised in intercultural relations, she has studied deeply the non-European territories: the African, American, Asian cases both in colonial and post-colonial context and their relations with the former colonisers and within them.

She has cooperated with several research centers and networks in the areas of social and political sciences. At the international level: CEIBA (center for research on culture and development, Catalonia, Spain); “Ars, cultura Y Desarrollo” (organization for the register of orality, Valence, Spain), Kairos-Chairo (program Ibero-american of communities, languages and sustainable development), The Human Geography Research Group (Aberdeen University), network “Appearance Matters” (supported by the European Science Foundation). At the Portuguese level: IICT (Tropical Research Institute), Center of Iberian Studies, Center of Peoples and Cultures Research  (Catholic University of Lisbon), International Institute Casa de Mateus (Higher Education network), CHAM (Centre for Global History, University of Lisbon), CEsA (Centre for African and Asian Studies, University of Lisbon). She has been involved in the organisation of international conferences and congresses in different scientific areas.

She has developed intensive teaching and training activities in Portugal and abroad in the context of several institutions: the European Foundation Centre, Asociación del profesorado de Portugués de Extemadura, INA (National Institute for Public Administration), the Portuguese Ministry of Justice, the Portuguese Supreme Audit Authority (Tribunal de Contas), SGS Portugal, ISCEM, among others. She has supervised masters thesis in programs at ISCTE-IUL, ISEG-UL, ISCSP-UL, and Faculdade de Ciências of the University of Lisbon.

She has developed managerial duties and expert functions in projects with a broad array of organisations. In the third sector: as a programme officer and projects manager she has developed educational projects for disadvantaged communities, has organized cultural events, prepared sustainable tourism projects, etc., for different organisations including Fundação Oriente (Portugal) Institut Catalunya África (Spain), CaixaForum (Spain), Instituto Universitario de Desarrollo y Cooperación de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), the NGO CRIAR-T (Portugal), and OBERCOM (Communication Observatory) (Portugal). In the public area she has worked directly with several entities: Institute Franco-Portugais, EGEAC (organization ruling the cultural equipments in Lisbon), Municipality of Lisbon, Municipality of Setúbal, the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture and Sea, and the Institute of Management of Citizens Shops. In the private sector: she has engaged with actors such as INCM, CCIPD, and COTEC Portugal.

She has been a commentator for the print press and television in the field of political science and international relations. She has featured in Económico TVTVI24, and SIC Notícias. She has been columnist in newspaper O Jornal Económico since 2016 (and wrote for OJE between 2014 and 2016). She wrote invited pieces for the magazines Macau and Macao.

Publicações Salientes

Costa, Cátia Miriam (2014). A Erosão do Estado na África Ocidental. Janus, Observare – Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, n.º 16.

Costa, Cátia Miriam (2012). A identidade goesa: transculturalidade e transterritorialidade num contexto pós-colonial. AAVV, Goa: Passado e Presente, 2 tomos, pp. 311-324. Lisboa: CEPCEP/CHAM.

Costa, Cátia Miriam (2010). El metro: la llegada al puerto de destino. Oráfrica, revista de oralidad africana, 6, pp. 193-209.


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Costa, C.M. (2014) "Internacionalização como contexto para novas políticas de ciência e tecnologia", Parcerias Estratégicas, 19 (39), 27-34.