Qualificações Académicas

Doutoramento em Sociologia, 2011 – Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Estados Unidos da América.

Mestrado em Sociologia, 2006 – Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, Estados Unidos da América.

Mestrado em Estudos Europeus, 1998 –  London School of Economics and Political Science, Londres, Reino Unido.

Licenciatura em Relações Internacionais, 1997 –  Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal.

Resumo Biográfico

Ana Margarida Esteves is a Research Fellow at the Center for International Studies of the University Institute of Lisbon, Iscte and Guest Assistant Professor of the Department of Political Economy of the same institution. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology from Brown University (Providence, RI, USA) where she was a Fulbright Fellow. Her research and teaching encompass the relations between the social and solidarity economy, the commons and the sustainability transition movements; synergies between nature, culture and technology; and the application of critical pedagogies, as well as strategies of non-formal education, to social mobilization and the promotion of participatory democracy. She is a founder and member of the International Editorial Committee of the journal “Interface: A journal for and about social movements” (www.interfacejournal.net). She is also a member the RC47: Social Classes and Social Movements of ISA – International Sociological Association and part of its editorial platform Open Movements / Open Democracy (https://www.opendemocracy.net/openmovements ). In 2020, Ana Margarida became a member of SEADS (Space Ecologies Art and Design), a transdisciplinary and cross-cultural collective of artists, scientists, engineers and activists that is actively engaged in deconstructing dominant paradigms about the future and develops alternative models through a combination of critical inquiry and hands-on experimentation.”. Previous to joining CEI-IUL, Ana Margarida Esteves held teaching positions at Brown University, Universidade Federal Fluminense (Brazil), Tulane University (New Orleans, USA) and Sunway University (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). She is a Visiting Research Fellow at Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and Scuola Normale Superiore (Florence, Italy).

Publicações Salientes

Esteves, A. M. (2017) “Commoning” at the borderland: ecovillage development, socio-economic segregation and institutional mediation in southwestern Alentejo, Portugal. Journal of Political Ecology 24, 968-­991

Esteves, A.M. (2017). Radical Environmentalism and “Commoning”: Synergies Between Ecosystem Regeneration and Social Governance at Tamera Ecovillage, Portugal. Antipode 49 (2), 357 – 376.




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