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Intelligence services have detected a growing Internet activism of the Portuguese
Radical Right (PRR) associated with the emergence of two New Euro-American Radical
Right (NEAR) streams: the North-American Alt-Right and the European Identitarianism.
Both streams reveal a strong capacity to generate popular youth culture (media-activism,
online militancy). The research project analyses the growth of this PRR propelled by the
circulation and reproduction of NEAR ideas and practices. The aims are the following:
1) to explain the reproduction of NEAR ideas and practices in Portugal, both online
and offline; 2) to map the Portuguese participation in the NEAR international networks;
3) to understand how deeply the NEAR is shaping the on-going developments of the
PRR. Methodologically, the in-depth Portuguese case study will be compared with other
successful and unsuccessful foreign cases to assess if and how the NEAR can turn the PRR into a more relevant right wing political player.