Ref.: PTDC/AFR/100460/2008

Funding institution(s): FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Keywords: conflicts, state, actors (state, non-state, international), Horn of Africa


The project aims to provide a critical analysis of contemporary conflicts in the Horn of Africa. The project comprises original research on the causes and outcomes of both inter and intra-state conflicts with regard to the analysis of the dynamics leading to state reconfiguration or disintegration of the region’s states.

The original contributions of the project are: 1) the fieldwork in Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Kenya and 2) the final comparative perspective with regard to continuities, changes, similarities and disparities in political violence and conflict dynamics in its relationship with the state’s particular trajectories; the project will focus on the state’s trajectories bearing in mind the domestic, regional and global political arenas.

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