Research Team

Clara Carvalho, João Milando, José Fialho Feliciano, Albert Farré Ventura, Aline Carla Afonso Pereira, Maria de Fátima, Virginie Christine Martine Gaelle Tallio, Paula Cristina Louro Morgado, Sara Duarte Soares Ferreira, Carlos Bavo, Libertad Jiménez Almirante, Gefra Gustavo Fulane


therapeutic practices, gender, NGO, private health sector


The main goal of this project is to enlighten the role of the private health sector in selected African countries emphasizing the access of women to health care. We consider that women are the more sensible sector of the population to the international macro-economic decisions that lead to the development of the private health sector in countries dependent of external aid. A more detailed knowledge of health care options for women and of their choices in this sector is essential for the implementation of an effective health strategy coordinating both public health planning and the heterogeneous private sector.