Participant Institutions

Universidade Católica de Angola
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Associação Chá de Caxinde
Asscoiação Angolana para a Educação de Adultos
Africa Arena


The Research-Action Project about ” Democratic and Development Processes in Angola and Southern Africa” started in 2004, stimulating the articulation and cooperation between academia and civil socities’ organizations (SCO) in the analysis, discussion and action about important thematics of the so called transitions.  During the last decade, the project has been progressing in several events, incluinding national and internantional conferences, workshops, seminars and publications, trying to contribute and enrich the scientific research as well as reflection processess and political decision in the areas of debate. This projects is coordenated from the beginning by professores Justino Pinto de Andrade and Nuno Vidal, and has congregated several researchers, academic institutions and SCO along the years, at Souther Africa, Europe and America

The projects’ reports are available here:

Erradicação da Pobreza e Desenvolvimento Equilibrado em Angola e Na África Austral | Relatório de Progresso 2009/2010-2014

Cidadania pela defesa do direito à habitação: relatório do I Fórum Nacional de Habitação | Fev 14

Democratic and Development Processes in Angola and Southern Africa | Progress report 2004-2009