Academic Qualifications

PhD South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2011

MA South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 2005

BA South Asian Studies, Brown University, 1998

Biographical Information

Srinivas began studying Sanskrit with his grandfather. Later he trained in classical South Asian languages and literatures at Brown University and UC Berkeley. In 2010 Penguin Books published his Giver of the Worn Garland, a literary translation of Krishnadeveraya’s Telugu epic Amuktamalyada. His current research explores Portuguese connections to the Vijayanagara empire of medieval South India. Srinivas is also a concert sitarist and has given numerous recitals around the world. Today he lives in Ahmedabad and teaches at IIT Gandhinagar.

Key Publications

Reddy, Srinivas (forthcoming), “Make It Telugu: Legitimizing Author, Patron and Text”, Asian Translation Traditions Conference Proceedings, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Reddy, Srinivas (forthcoming), “Authority, Critique, and Revision in the Sanskrit Music-Theoretic Tradition: Re-reading the Svara-mela-kalānidhi”, Asian Music, 46 (2).

Reddy, Srinivas (2014), The Dancer & The King:  Kālidāsa’s Mālavikāgnimitram. New Delhi: Penguin Books India.

Reddy, Srinivas (2014), “Tale of the Untouchable Devotee from Kṛṣṇadevarāya’s Āmuktamālyada”, Sagar: A South Asia Research Journal, 22, 2-41.

Reddy, Srinivas (2010), Giver of the Worn Garland:  Sri Krishnadevaraya’s Āmuktamālyada. New Delhi: Penguin Books India.