Academic Qualifications

PhD in Political Sciences, 2002 – King’s College London, London, UK.

Master in African Studies (spec. Social and Economic Development), 1997 – Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.

Biographical Information

Nuno Vidal has a PhD in Political Science, and a Master in Social and Economic Development. He has been working as researcher and consultant, dealing with issues concerning development, governance, state, civil society, and human rights in countries such as Angola, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, R.D. Congo. He participated in a number of research projects, funded by international organizations. Moreover, he has organized and co-organized various internationals conferences, and published in several countries (e.g. Portugal, UK, USA, Angola, Namibia, South Africa). Previously, Nono vidal was a lecturer in the MBA program Administração Global of the Universidade do Estado Santa Catarina/Centro de Ciências da Administração e Socioeconómicas (ESAG, 2003-2004), Brasil. He also organized and taught in the field of “African post-colonial political systems” in the Bachelor program International Relations of the Faculdade de Economia of the Universidade de Coimbra (2005/2006 e 2006/2007).

Key Publications

Vidal, Nuno & Justino Pinto de Andrade (2011), Economia Política e Desenvolvimento em Angola. Lisboa & Luanda: Firmamento, Universidade Católica de Angola & Chá de Caxinde. (ISBN: 9789899644731)

Vidal, Nuno (2011), Poverty Eradication in Southern Africa: involvement of civil society organisations. Mozambique, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. National and regional poverty observatories. Lisbon & Brussels: Firmamento, Angolan Catholic University & Chá de Caxinde. (ISBN: 978-989-96447-4-8)

Vidal, Nuno & Patrick Chabal (2009), Southern Africa: Civil Society, Politics and Donor Strategies; Angola, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. Lisbon & Brussels: Firmamento, Wageningen University & Angolan Catholic University. (ISBN: 9789729927096)


Vidal, N. (2016) "MPLA e a governação: entre internacionalismo progressista marxista e pragmatismo liberal-nacionalista", Estudos Ibero-Americanos, 42 (3).

Vidal, N. (2016) "Angola – Election Management Bodies", Election Management Bodies in Southern Africa; Comparative study of the electoral commissions’ contribution to electoral processes, a review by OSISA and ECF-SADC, (1-43). Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa and African Minds.

Vidal, N. (2016) "Angola: un activisme – de réforme ou de confrontation – distant du peuple", In François Polet État des résistances dans le Sud – Afrique, (pp. 165-174). Paris: Éditions Syllepse. ISBN 978-2-84950-540-3.

Vidal, N. (2015) "Angolan civil society activism since the 1990s: reformists, confrontationists and young revolutionaries of the ‘Arab spring generation’", Review of African Political Economy, 42 (143), 77-91.