Academic Qualifications

Aggregation in Anthropology, in 2002 – ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal.

PhD in Anthropology, in 1995 – ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal.

Master in Comparative Literary Studies, 1987 – Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.

Degree in Anthropology, 1982 – Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.

Biographical Information

Manuel João Ramos was born in 1960 in Lisbon. He is associate professor in the Department of Anthropology and researcher at the Center for International Studies at ISCTE-IUL. He is currently coordinator of the Central Library of African Studies, co-editor of the AEGIS series of Brill Publishers and one of the coordinators of the Thematic Group: Africa in the Indian Ocean of the European network AEGIS.

His main areas of current research are: African studies, studies of cognition, risk and trauma, studies of conflicts and migrations, graphic anthropology. His area of ​​regional expertise is the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia) and more recently also the Middle East. He has conducted research within multidisciplinary teams, seeking to combine anthropological knowledge with political and religious history, archeology, comparative literature and studies in international relations.

In parallel, he has developed a career in graphic art and is involved in several NGOs. He is the delegate of FEVR (European Federation of Road Traffic Victims) at the UNRSC, and one of the directors of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety. He is also the representative in Portugal of the Hakluyt Society.


Key Publications

Livros | Books


2018: Of Hairy Kings and Saintly Slaves. Canon Pyon: Kingston Publishing.

2017: (com Iain Walker e Preben Kaarsholm; eds.), Fluid Networks and Hegemonic Powers in the Western Indian Ocean. EBook’IS series. Lisboa: CEI-IUL.

2013: (com Ulf Engel; eds.), African Dynamics in a Multipolar World. AEGIS series. Leiden: Brill.

2011: (com Hervé Pennec e Isabel Boavida; eds.), History of Ethiopia by Pero Páez, 1622. London: Hakluyt Society.

2009: Memórias dos Pescadores de Sesimbra: Santiago de Sesimbra no Início dos Anos Oitenta do Século XX. Lisboa: Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa.

2006: Essays in Christian Mythology: The metamorphosis of Prester John. Lanham: University Press of America.

2004: (com Isabel Boavida; eds.), The Indigenous and the Foreign in Christian Ethiopian Art: On Portuguese-Ethiopian contacts in the 16th-17th centuries. Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing.

2011: (ed.). Risco e Trauma Rodoviário: Perspectivas Interdisciplinares de Análise. Lisboa: ACA-M.

2010: (com Isabel Boavida e Tânia Tribe; eds.) The Emperor of Ethiopia in Lusoland: Haile Selassie’s state visit to Portugal in 1959 and the Birth of the OAU. Lisboa: Centro de Estudos Africanos – ISCTE-IUL e London: School of Oriental and African Studies – University of London.

2009: Traços de Viagem: Experiências remotas, locais invulgares. Lisboa: Bertrand.


Capítulos em livros | Chapters in books


2018: “O Olho Cronográfico”. In Tiago Cruz (ed.). Nós e os Cadernos II. Faro: CIAC, Universidade do Algarve, pp. 26-42.

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Artigos | Articles


2019: “Ceci n’est pas un Dessin: Notes on the Production and Sharing of Fieldwork Sketches”. Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia. 8 (2), pp. 57-64.

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1996: “O Durkheimeanismo Hoje – Classificações, Hierarquias, Ambiguidades”. Trabalhos de Arqueologia e Etnologia. 36, pp. 73-89.



Filmes documentais | Documentary films


Gondari Voices

The Asphalt has arrived

The Azazo Mischief


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