Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. Ecology (Human-Environment Interactions specialization), 2009 – Colorado State University – Fort Collins, USA

B.Sc. (Hons) Wildlife Management, 1998 – Centre for Wildlife Management, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa

Degree in Biologia Aplicada aos Recursos Animais, 1998 – Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Biographical Information

Joana Roque de Pinho’s research focuses on changing African social-ecological systems and local knowledge thereof among natural resource-reliant communities. Pinho’s Ph.D. examined cultural models of evolving wildlife-human relationships in a pastoralist society in transition in Kenya Maasailand, and implications for conservation. Subsequent research has focused on environmentalist discourse, conservation politics and conflicts for access to natural resources inside a Bissau-Guinean national park. To investigate local knowledge of climatic and social-ecological changes, she has engaged Kenyan pastoralists and Bissau-Guinean rice farmers as research collaborators through a variety of participatory (audio)visual research approaches, which have allowed them to share their insights on environmental changes with the public and policymakers. Outputs created by her local collaborators include international participatory photo exhibits and an award-winning documentary. Her recent projects focus on African, Central Asian and North American dryland areas, exploring linked religious and environmental changes (MYNA) and local responses to the Covid-19 containment measures (CONVERGE). Joana Roque de Pinho is also a Research Affiliate at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (Colorado State University, USA) and a Research Associate of the Institute for Social Research in Africa (IFSRA, Burkina Faso).


Research Interests: Environmental Anthropology, political ecology, social-ecological change, visual Anthropology, participatory research, pastoralism, drylands, religious change, global change

Key Publications

Stavi, I., Roque de Pinho, J., Paschalidou, A. K., Adamo, S. B., Galvin, K., de Sherbinin, A., Even, T., Heaviside, C., and van der Geest, K. 2021. Food security among dryland pastoralists and agropastoralists: The climate, land-use change, and population dynamics nexus. The Anthropocene Review. April 2021

Roque de Pinho, J. 2020. The Year People Helped Zebras to Stand Up: Climatic Variability and Extreme Weather Observed and Portrayed by Kenyan Maasai Pastoralists. In M. Welch-Devine, A. Sourdril & B. J. Burke (Eds.). Changing Climate, Changing Worlds – Local Knowledge and the Challenges of Social and Ecological Change (pp. 145–181). Springer International Publishing.

Roque de Pinho, J. and Torii, Rena, editors. 2017. Vozes de Cantanhez. The Graduate School of Language and Culture, School of Foreign Studies, University of Osaka, Osaka, Japan.

Vozes de Cantanhez Participatory Photo Exhibit. 2016. The Minoh City Office & the School of Foreign Studies, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan (July 9 – Aug. 11, 2016).

Roque de Pinho, J. (2016) “Portraits of change by farmers in Southern Guinea-Bissau“, Visual Ethnography, 5 (1), 161-185.

Roque de Pinho, J., Grilo C., Boone, R. B., Snodgrass, J. G. & Galvin, K. A. (2014). Influence of aesthetic appreciation of wildlife species on attitudes towards their conservation in Kenyan agropastoral communitiesPLoS ONE 9 (2), e88842.

Jean Rouch Award for Collaborative Filmmaking (2013) for Maasai Voices on Climate Change (and other changes, too) (2013). Society for Visual Anthropology & American Anthropological Association. Award shared with the Maasai filmmakers.

Goldman, M. J., J. Roque de Pinho, J. & J. Perry. (2013). Beyond Ritual and Economics: Maasai Lion Hunting and Conservation PoliticsOryx 47 (04), 490-500.


de Pinho, J.R. (2016) "Portraits of change by farmers in Southern Guinea-Bissau", Visual Ethnography, 5 (1), 161-185.

de Pinho, J.R. (2016) "Beautiful and Ugly Animals in Kenya Maasailand: Why beauty matters for biodiversity conservation in Africa", Progress 2 - Ciências Sociais e Desenvolvimento em África, Lisboa: CEsA-ISEG, 96-117.

de Pinho, J.R., K. Galvin (2015) "“Maasai Voices on Climate Change (and other changes too)”: Participatory video and communication about environmental changes in the East African rangelands", In Brites, M. J., Jorge, A. & Correia Santos, S., (eds.) Metodologias participativas: Os media e a educação , (pp. 235-248). LabCom Books.