Academic Qualifications

PhD in Politics, 2009 – School of Oriental and African Studies, United Kingdom.

Biographical Information

Aurora Sottimano is a Lecturer in Political Science at the British University in Egypt and a Fellow of the Centre for Syrian Studies (St Andrews University, UK). Before joining the BUE, she was a Research Fellow in the Orient Institut Beirut (2012) and Amsterdam University (2010), where she conducted research on Syrian foreign policy and trade unions in Lebanon. Her research and expertise lie in the politics, international relations, political economy and history of the Middle East. Her research projects include the economic policies in Ba’athist Syria and the resistance axis Syria-Iran-Hezbollah (forthcoming books) as well as projects on forced migration in the Middle East (with a focus on transit countries) and the re-conceptualization of social justice during and after the Arab Spring. She has conducted research in various Middle East countries (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Bahrain), international centres and archives (IMA, Paris; Harvard University, USA; London National Archives and British Library, UK; Oxford St Antony, UK). Dr Sottimano presented her research findings and current work at various international conferences, including the  international workshop titled Workers organisations between fragmentation and protest, which she organised and directed in 2012 at the OIB (Beirut, Lebanon) .

Key Publications

Sottimanno, Aurora (2016), “Building authoritarian ‘legitimacy’: Domestic compliance and international standing of Bashar al-Asad’s Syria”. Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought, February .

Sottimanno, Aurora (2016), “Nationalism and reform under Bashar al Asad: reading the ‘legitimacy’ of the Syrian regime” in Hinnebusch, Raymond and Tina Zintl (eds.), Syria from Reform to Revolt, Volume 1: Political Economy and International Relations, Syracuse University Press.

Sottimanno, Aurora (2010), “Package Politics: antagonism, resistance and peace in Syrian political discourse”, Knowledge Programme Civil Society in West Asia, Working paper 8, University of Amsterdam.
Sottimanno, Aurora (2008), Changing Regime Discourse and Reform in Syria, (with Kjetil Selvik), Lynne Rienner for the University of St Andrews Centre for Syrian Studies, . Sole author of chapter 2, pp. 5-32.

Sottimanno, Aurora (2014), “Syria: History” and “Bahrain: History” in The Middle East and North Africa 2015, Europa Publications, Routledge, . (Yearly publication, I am a regular contributor since 2004).