Academic Qualifications

Phd in African Studies, in 2016 – ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon, Portugal.
Master in law of State, in 1994 – University of São Paulo, Brazil.
Degree in law Political-administrative and financial, in 1987 – University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Biographical Information

Lawyer and legal consultant since 1991, and member of the Bar of Lawyers of Brazil, and member of the Bar of Lawyers of Guinea-Bissau. Researcher and Writer, with books and articles published. Teacher and holder of the discipline of Law administrative II, at the Faculty of law of Bissau, from 1995 to 1997. Minister of Justice (February 2000/January 2001). Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (March-November 2001). President of Association of African Women for Research and Development.

Key Publications

Gomes, Antonieta Rosa (2013). Da Mutabilidade dos Contratos Administrativos. São Paulo: Terceira Margem.

Gomes, Antonieta Rosa (2013). Retratos de Mulher. São Paulo: Terceira Margem.

Gomes, Antonieta Rosa (2010). O Poder militar e a desedificação do Estado de Direito e da democracia na Guiné-Bissau. 7º Congresso Ibérico de Estudos Africanos. Lisboa: CEA.

Gomes, Antonieta Rosa (2000). “Liberdade de imprensa e opinião pública”. Revista Direito e Cidadania, 3 (9), pp. 145-151.