Academic Qualifications

Doutoramento em Linguística Africana – Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil

Mestre em Linguística – Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil

Biographical Information

Ana Stela Cunha is a post-doctoral researcher at the  Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia (CRIA) (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), developing the project “Cruzando as fronteiras: africanidade e identidade em religiões de matriz banto no Brasil, Cuba e no Congo (RDC)”. Previously, Ana was invited researcher at the Musée Royal de l´Afrique Centrale (Brussels) 2010, and post-dotoral resarcher at the Insituto de Ciências Sociais da Univerisdade de Lisboa, Portugal, working on the project “Quando Ndoki foi flechado: feitiçaria e cura no Palo Monte (Cuba) e Pajé de Negros (Maranhão, Brasil)”. She did her Master and her PdD in Semiotics and General Linguistics, and African Linguistics respectively (USP, Brazil). Ana was a lecturer (CAPES, Ministério das Relações Exteriores) at the Universidad de La Habana (Cuba) between 2006 and 2008, when she conducted much of her field research, working with a religion of the Bantu matrix, Palo Monte. Since 1996 she has been working with the Quilombos of Maranhã, creating in 2005 the educational project “Falando em Quilombo” (Petrobras Cultural). After that she became the coordinator of the project “O Boi Contou” which aimed at the production of educational material appropriate to Quilombola reality, funded by Programa Petrobras Cultural (2007).  Currently, she is coordinator of the project CABOCLOS NKISIS, funded by the OI FUTURO Programme. The project is situated in the area of visual anthropology, working with new technologies and oral traditions from Brazil and Cuba. Moreover, Ana Stela is a coordinator for anthropology of the project “Libolo” (Kwanza Sul, Angola), coordinated by Prof. Dr. Carlos Figueiredo (UMacau). She carries out her field work in the Congo, Angola, Cuba, and Brazil.

Key Publications

Cunha, Ana Stela (2013), “Language, creativity and identity in conversation with the dead”. In Diana Espírito Santo & Anastasios Panagiotopoulos (eds), Beyound tradition, beyound invention: cosmic technologies and creativity in afro cuban religions. London: Sean Kingston Publishing.

Cunha, Ana Stela (2013), “João da Mata family: a Pajé materiality”. In. Diana Espírito Santo & Ruy Blanes (orgs), The social life of the spirits. Ed. Chicago University Press. (ISBN: 978-0-226-08180-9)

Cunha, Ana Stela & Estrela Rosenverck (2013), “Hip Hop Moviments and Rural Diaspora in Maranhão, Brazil”. In Rosana Martins & Massimo Canevacci (ed.). “Who we are – Where we are”: identities, urban culture and languages of belongings in the lusophone hip-hop. Oxford: Sean Kingston.

Cunha, Ana Stela (org.) (2011), Construindo quilombos, desconstruindo Mitos – A educação formal e a realidade quilombola no Brasil. Editora Setagraf, Maranhão. (ISBN: 978-85-64758-00-1)

Cunha, Ana Stela (2012), “Muerte, muertos y “llanto”: los funerales paleros como reveladores de la diversidad cubana“. Ateliers d’Anthropologie, Dossier “Ethnographies religieuses (afro)-cubaines”, 38.