Academic Qualifications

PhD in Politics, 1993 – University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

Master in Latin American Studies, 1990 – University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

Bachelor  in American and Latin American Studies (Double Honours), 1988 – University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Biographical Information

Alexandra Barahona de Brito is a freelance researcher and editorial advisor. Previously, she held positions as lecturer at Lisbon University, senior associate researcher at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (IEEI) in Lisbon, and at the Institute for European and Latin American Relations (IRELA) in Madrid. She has a PhD in Politics, and a Master in Latin American Studies from Oxford University, as well as a Double Honours Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Manchester in US and Latin American History and Literature. She has published various books and articles on transitional justice, human rights, democratization and European-Latin American relations.

Key Publications

Brito, Alexandra Barahona de & L. Whitehead (2012), “Transitional Justice: Reframing the Debate”. In M. Serrano (ed.), Transitional Justice, UN Press.

Brito, Alexandra Barahona de (2012), “Justiça transicional no Brasil”. In António Costa Pinto, A democratização brasileira e portuguesa. Editora universitária, Rio de Janeiro.

Brito, Alexandra Barahona de (2010), “Transitional Justice and Memory: Exploring Perspectives“, South European Society and Politics, 15 (3), 359-376.

Brito, Alexandra Barahona deCarmen Gonzalez Enriquez & Paloma Aguilar (2001), The Politics of Memory, Oxford Scholarship Online.

Brito, Alexandra Barahona de (1997)Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America: Uruguay and Chile, Oxford Scholarship Online.