Academic Qualifications

Bachelor in African Studies, 2012 – Universität Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany.

Master in African Studies, 2014 – Universität Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany.

PhD student at the Graduate School Global and Area Studies – Universität Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany.

Biographical Information

Jens Herpolsheimer started his academic career in Electrical Engineering, studying in Dresden, Germany, before he decided to dedicate his attention to African Studies. He took up his Bachelor studies at the Universität Leipzig in 2009, spending time abroad in different places in Ghana, as well as in Bordeaux, France. In 2011 he received his B.A. degree from the Universität Leipzig, and finished his M.A. in African Studies in 2014. Jens has worked as a journalist for several German news papers. Currently, he is working as a scientific assistant and researcher at the Institute of African Studies, and at the Center for Area Studies of the Universität Leipzig.

His work focuses on African politics, especially with regard to international discourses, and the state of peace and security in Africa. Currently, Jens is conducting research on the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP). Against the backdrop of the regionalization of security, he is studying the CPLP as a security community, analyzing its ambitions, experiences, and limitations regarding their cooperation in the field of defense and security.